BOG is BogTools’ governance and payment token. Currently, the token charges a 5% fee on transactions to reward Liquidity Providers.

Max Supply: 15 million. Circulating Supply: 13.5 million 5% staker redistribution fee on transfer. (3% to LP stakers, and 2% as auto liquidity distributed between compensation stakers)

Contract: 0xB09FE1613fE03E7361319d2a43eDc17422f36B09

Home of our charting and token analysis utilities

- Pancakeswap V1, V2 & Apeswap token charting - Token liquidity information - Portfolio tracking

Home of our trading utilities

- BOGSwap for multi-dex trade routing - Limit Orders for Pancakeswap & Apeswap - Stop Losses for Pancakeswap & Apeswap - Trailing Stop Losses for Pancakeswap & Apeswap - Token Launch Sniper

Purchase BOG here